Immigrate to Canada as an international student

Want to immigrate to Canada permanently?  Coming as an International student is a practical first step on your journey.

Studying in Canada may be an attractive option for foreign students because of the possibility of a high-quality education, obtaining Canadian work experience after graduating and being able to transition to a permanent resident under certain programs like the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) program, where Canadian-educated foreign students would be retained and absorbed into the Canadian workforce.

What are the criteria for a study permit?

  • Acceptance for study at a designated learning institution
  • Obtain letter of acceptance
  • Apply for study permit, temporary resident visa and electronic travel Authorization (eTA)
  • Payment of application fee and biometric fee (if applicable)
  • Be able to pay tuition fees
  • Be able to support themselves and family members to and from Canada
  • Pass medical examination-if required

Motion immigration’s International Student Program is here to help you realize you dream! From choosing a school, to applying for a study permit, the Motion Immigration Team is here to make the process stress free!


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