Tips for making an application for a Canadian Visitor Visa

Applying for a visitor visa can be intimidating and confusing. To make this process a little easier, we will share some helpful points to a successful visitor visa application.

When an immigration officer is processing a visa application, they usually have one big question in mind, “Will this applicant go back to their home country after they’ve finished their visit to Canada?”.The most important factor is for you to show that your ties to your homeland is more important than your ties to Canada.

Below are several factors that may help you improve your chances of obtaininga visitor visa to Canada.

  • Show you have a strong establishment in your country. This includes your employment stability, any school attendance –if applicable,assets e.g. house etc, marital status, children, family and any other responsibilities that require you to return to your home country.
  • Be clear about the reason for your visit. Whether it’s a family celebration, family emergency, work-related matter or pleasure visit, you have to make your reason clear. You can include your invitation letter and accommodation arrangementetc. to support your application. Try to include as much proof as possible.
  • You should show sufficient funds available for your trip, no matter who’s covering the cost. If there is no proof of sufficient funds for your visit, unfortunately, your application is likely to get refused.